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How to Claim Haier Laptop Warranty?
Posted by Samiya Tariq on 09 September 2015 01:15 PM

Download Manual:


Follow the instructions to Claim your Haier Laptop Warranty

Step 1: Open URL in the browser. Login Page will be opened, enter your email id and password and click Login.

Note:  In case you forgot your password, click Lost password and enter your email id where HEC will send a reset link. Click on that link and set a new password for your helpdesk account.

Step 2: Click on Submit a Ticket and select option Haier from the dropdown list, then select Haier radio button after which you need to select Service & Support from the dropdown available and then click Next.

Step 3: Select Category & Type of Issue according to the problem you are facing e.g. Select Laptop Hardware Problem, if your LCD is damaged and select Laptop Software Problem in case of blue screen error.

Step 4: Select your nearest Haier service center and enter your address then select priority based on the issue e.g. it should be Critical for LCD Damage but for issues in web cam, priority should be set as Medium.

Step 5: Enter your message by stating your issue in detail along with your Phone number so that Haier will contact you. If you want to attach any document then attach it by clicking on Add File button and then click Submit for successful submission of ticket.

Step 6: Student can view their tickets by clicking on My Tickets after which they can view details of all tickets submitted by them.

Step 7: Open the ticket you submitted for Haier Laptop Warranty Claim by clicking on it and use Add Reply to send a response to Haier when you receive any message from Haier.

Note: Haier will contact you within 24 hours. If you didn’t reply to your submitted ticket after the contact of Haier person till 48 hours, then your ticket will be automatically closed.

Haier Terms & Conditions for PMNLS:

  • Student will visit Haier service center or Laptop Authorized Service Center (ASC) with student card copy, CNIC copy and filled laptop warranty card copy.
  • Student should show their original student card and CNIC to Haier service center or Laptop authorized center (ASC).
  • If student have no student card, then he/she should provide the university acknowledgment letter head to Haier service center or Laptop ASC.
  • If anyone else brings the Laptop to Haier SC/ASC, then He / She should bring the above mentioned documents on behalf of the student to whom laptop is issued.
  • After launching his/her laptop complaint on HEC Student Portal, Student will visit the service center within 48 Hours.
  • After submitting his/her unit at Haier service center, student will send an acknowledgment message on the HEC Student Portal.
  • After the complaint registration, if student fails to visit the Haier service center or Laptop ASC within 48 Hours, its complaint will be canceled automatically.
  • Once the complaint is canceled, Student will need to launch new ticket for getting laptop after sale services

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PTCL EVO Activation Guide-Phase I
Posted by Higher Education Comission 2 on 10 March 2015 06:41 PM

Download Guide :

OR FOLLOW Below Step for Evo Activation .

Step 1:
Open the link “ ” in your browser. It will open a page as shown below. Fill the ‘Login’ form fields with your email address and password. After filling both fields, press ‘Login’ button.

After successful login, you will be redirected to the page.

Step 2: Click on either of the ‘Submit a ticket’ options.

Step 3: Select ‘Ptcl’ option from the dropdown present on ‘Submit a Ticket’ page.

Step 4: Click on the ‘PTCL’ radio button.

Step 5: Select ‘EVO Activation Cell’ option from the dropdown list as illustrated below and press ‘Next’ button.

Step 6: Fill the ‘ticket details’ form by Entering EVO MDN , ESN Number with Contact Detail and press ‘Submit’ button to submit your ticket.

Note: Focal Person also share this with student who have already Issued Laptops and EVO!

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Login Link for Students
Posted by Higher Education Comission 2 on 02 February 2015 02:12 PM

Dear Focal Person

please guide the student to Login to HEC helpdesk webportal using below link,

Make sure they are not Using Focal Person Account Link & secure your account credentials as well


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Focal Person Alert
Posted by Higher Education Comission Waqas on 11 December 2014 01:02 PM

Focal Person Please don't Move any ticket of profile correction for the student who had completed their Correction Phase.
as no further chances would be given Currently.
it is already conveyed , via email , via dashboard, via web
All such ticket would not be entertained

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Profile Updation & Validation Help
Posted by Higher Education Comission Waqas on 10 December 2014 07:08 PM
  • Use the same Email ID which you used for Validation process on
    • If You will Not use That ID , You May Not be able to complete the process for Accepted for MeritList
    • if you will Not use that ID , You will the get the feild accurate in correction phase.
  • If you have anyother ID on helpdesk , get it disable as if found in future it  may lead cancelation of  Both and will disqualify you.
  • If your Login is Disable then  use forget Option OR put a request via same email
  • NO CHANGE OF EMAIL would be entertained if Both Email are valid and correct.
  • Only Typo mistake in email would be entertained  , put a request via email email to  with below format
    • NAME
    • CNIC
    • Incorrect email
    • Correct Email
  • Profile Fields are locked.
  • Profile correction would be entertained Before Correction Updation Else NO such ticket would be Entertained.
  • No Correction in Locked feilds after correction is done would be entertained as mentioned on the Page already and all such tickets would be dumped.
  • Use the Latest Browser Mozilla, Chrome or IE 11.
  • update the remaining open field , verify and then update , bcz no more chance would be given.
  • Correction Process would be closed Soon


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Letter Notification
Posted by Higher Education Comission Waqas on 04 December 2014 08:37 PM

Subject: Merit List Generation for the Award of Laptop under the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme
Dear Student
Thanks for validating your record on the Students’ Service Portal at Please be
advised that validation of records by students does not guarantee in any ways for the award of laptop, nor it
shall be construed as eligible and/ or entitled for the award of laptop. Moreover, award of laptop is subject to
meeting the criteria defined for the scheme as available at, especially that the
student is NOT employed anywhere in any public or private organization, and student is still an enrolled
(NOT passed out) student of the university; and also subject to all verification(s)/ scrutiny by the university
at the time of distribution of laptops.
It is further highlighted that the award of laptops to the students studying in Bachelor or Master (16 year)
program is also subject to Merit List and only top students shall be awarded laptops as per the provision
available. Details on Merit List criteria available at
The Merit List strictly depends on Program Level, Year of Study and Percentage (based of CGPA if
applicable) in last exam. Therefore, to generate Merit List, HEC requires that the correct and updated
information is available to us, so that all students be treated with absolute fairness for inter se merit.
It has been learnt that the students’ data available with HEC as acquired from the universities/ institutes is
not updated in most cases, since the data was requested by HEC in February 2014 and provided by the
universities accordingly. It is also realized that many of the students have progressed one more semester or
year and would have their updated results available with them, as of June 30, 2014. There may be few
students who would have passed out by now and so they are not eligible anymore.
You are therefore requested to kindly refer to the link below and provide your updated information as of
JUNE 30, 2014. Once provided, your status will be changed from “Validated” to “Accepted for Merit List”.
Please note that you should provide only the correct information of which you have some documentary
evidence (applicable as of June 30, 2014), since you will be asked to produce the same at the time of
distribution of laptops.
Any wrong information with respect to Semester, Year of Study, Date of Admission, Percentage (based on
CGPA if applicable) in last exam and any other information as requested; OR failure to produce
documentary proof of your stated information at the time of laptop distribution, SHALL LEAD TO
DISQUALIFICATION STRAIGHTAWAY. This may also disqualify you from any future such schemes for
next five years. In case you experience any difficulty, please contact your university’s focal person for the
PM’s Laptop Scheme of which the details are available at HEC website, i.e.

With kind regards
Project Director Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme
Higher Education Commission Sector H – 9, Islamabad – Pakistan

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